About the Artist

I am thankful for the opportunity to travel the world in pursuit of brilliant colors and perfect surf in order to bring you my jewelry collection. 

My sensibility draws from a variety of visual cultures. I was born in Mexico and trained as an artist in California and London. My art works have been blessed with a warm reception and have exhibited at Sotheby's, Rio de Janeiro’s Biennale and in national museums. Recently I've turned my attention towards the world of surf and jewelry design. This has brought me to Bali. I hope you will enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it for you!

The Jewelry
Our jewelry is hand crafted, inspired by natures botanical mysteries and reveling in a sexy elegance and grace. The line ranges from the definitively hip to the casual chic. Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgens and Gwyneth Paltrow currently wear our jewelry. Our jewelry can be seen in Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and on the Cover of Oprah Magazine. I am thankful to be featured among a handful of designers that help to define the latest in fashion jewelry appearing regularly on MTV, ABC and NBC.

Signature Collection
My signature collection is hand carved from Water Buffalo Horn. A powerful material, imbued with a spiritual energy that is recognized among many cultures. I am honored to work with the carvers who keep these ancestral traditions alive and am excited to bridge this experience with the west. Please Note, Buffalo horn is a bi-product marking our contribution towards a sustainable Earth.

Thank you for your interest in my line! My first collection was blessed with a tremendous reception quickly reaching the shores of New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland. This season sees my newest collection which now sells in over 13 different countries. It is my hope that it  bring as much joy and good fortune to you and as it has brought to those I love.

Live Your Dream,
Vanessa Montiel

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